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Jean's Boutique 3

Google Play : [Down] 2017.10.16
AppStore : coming soon!

YouTube : [View]

Jean's Boutique 3 is the best time management game, developed and published by AFEEL.

Recommended for Time Management Game fans.

Run your own boutique!
Dress up Jean from your favorite hairs, clothes, and shoes.
Upgrade boutique and hire employees.

Story modes
- Total 200 levels, 5 unique locations with 40 levels each, 9 unique customer types.
- 5 unique locations with 5 types of services.

4 mini games
- Enjoy fun 4 part time jobs including match 3 puzzle game.

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2017/10/16 20:29 2017/10/16 20:29

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Swipe Link : One touch Drawing Puzzle Game

Google Play : [Link] 2017.09.25
AppStore : [Link] 2017.10.17

Play the puzzle game that look easy but not easy with beautiful melodies.

Relax and start your brain workout with smart and addictive One touch Drawing puzzle game.

The goal is to remove all blocks by touching linked blocks with the minimal moves. Swipe Link comes with 10 difficulties of puzzles ranging from Beginner to Expert.

You can enjoy the beautiful melodies while solving your puzzles.

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2017/09/25 19:40 2017/09/25 19:40

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Jean's Sundaeria : Tap Dash

Google Play : [Link] 2017.07.10
AppStore : [Link] 2017.07.17

YouTube : [ View ]

Simple Control! Stress is Zero kcal!!
Feel free to play an idle clicker.

Jean's Sundaeria : Tap Dash is an idle clicker.
Level up recipes, decorate shop and make branch in the world.
By tapping the screen you can mine virtual coins and slowly increase your wealth. Develop patents, invest in stocks and manage affiliates.

- Feel excellent tapping action and fantastic fever mode by Sundae-Machine.
- Grab free upgrade coupons and shop decorations from special delivery mails.
- Collect variety decorations and custmize your character and shop.
- Unlock awesome achievements and get more bonuses.
- Don't worry. Simple Control!!

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2017/07/11 12:01 2017/07/11 12:01

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Cake House : a sweet journey

2016.09.20 Google Play : [Link]

2016.09.20 AppStore : [Link]

YouTube : [ View ]

What's in the oven? A delicious sweet cake!
Let's bake and sell with Cake House!

Whoa! What's this smell? It's a freshly baked strawberry cake!

Bake delicious cakes from all over the world in this FREE time management game - Cake House! Grow the shop as you bake, wrap and serve delicious sweet cake in each cute restaurant. Have fun baking(cooking) and share your happiness with your friends on Facebook!

▣ Concept Overview:
· Bring food to the customers and keep them happy.
· If the customers wait too long, they will get angry and leave the shop.
· There is a time limit on each level.
· You need to meet the sales goal to complete the level.

▣ Features:
· 5 unique shops. Chiffon, Roll, Tiramisu, Millefeuille, Fresh Cream, etc...
· More than 200 levels to complete.
· Employees to help you.
· Many different items available.
· All customers have different voices (200+).
· Invite your friends to earn game rewards!

E3 JUNE 14~16, 2016 | LOS ANGELES
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2016/05/31 14:57 2016/05/31 14:57

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Maid & Slime

Google Play : [Down] 2016.02.24
Apple Store : [Down] 2016.03.28

YouTube : [View]

♥The Maid is on a quest of rescuing the kidnapped hero.
♬ Hero to the Cafe, on every good day ♪
♪ But by bad, mean slimes, Captured on the way ~♬


'Slimes', the weakest of all the monsters in the world,
They are the Hero's favorites when it comes to Farming for levels.
But it all changed when a Slime came into possession of an ancient Mind Control spell.
With its power, the slimes have dominated all monsters in the world,
And now they want to take over the human realms.
The first step in their grand plan: Removing the pesky Heroes.
So they transform themselves into beautiful ladies to kidnap all the Heroes, and get ready for world domination.


The maid Bell, who is in charge of the Heroes' favorite cafe, notices that Heroes have stopped visiting her little cafe in the woods.
When a little bird tells her that her loving hero is kidnapped, she goes on a journey to get her lover back with a kitchen knife in her hand.

▷ Eradicate the Slimes that pop out of the 16 holes on the screen.
▷ Tap once on the Purple Slime!
▷ Tap twice on the Green Slime!
▷ But don't touch the Red Slime!
▷ 3 different game modes to enjoy.
▷ Unlock various achievements to get rewards.

▣ Features ▣
▷ 3 different game modes to play
▷ Over 20 types of monsters to beat
▷ Over 100 stages to enjoy
▷ Various useful items that help you on your quest
▷ Invite friends and share the game to get numerous rewards!
▷ A fresh take on the Whack-A-Mole games!
▷ An RPG game divided into stages, instead of the high-score grind!
▷ Enjoy the lovely crafted, high-quality pixel arts!

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2016/02/24 22:06 2016/02/24 22:06

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Jean's Sundaeria

Google Play : [Down] 2016.2.3
AppStore : [Down] 2016.3.14
Mac AppStore : [Down] 2016.4.15

YouTube : [View]

♥ No.1 time management game!!
♥ Let's manage sweet and lovely shop!!

★ It contains nutrients. ( /1play )
▷ Energy : 0 kcal ▷ Total Sugar : 9999 g
▷ Fat : 0 g            ▷ Caffeine : 0 mg

♥ What do you recommend on the menu?
Strawberry,  chocolate, yogurt parfaits, ice cream cake, strawberry rabbit cake, cheese cake, chocolate beer cake, pistachio cake, oreo cake, clover cake, banila cake, coffee cake, ...
Because of too many sundaes, I can't tell you all.

♥ Now, I'm making better delicious sundae recipes.
Would you like to do with me?

▣ Basic Concepts:
▷ Serving customers fast keeps them happy.
▷ Waiting customers can get upset, angry and will eventually leave the store.
▷ Each level of the store open for a limited time.
▷ To complete a level, reach the target before the level is over.

▣ Features:
▷ 5 kinds of shops.
▷ Each shop consist of 30 level.
▷ About 200 voices from guests invited shop.
▷ Many Useful items.
▷ Obtain free money in game from inviting friends, sharing.

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2016/02/03 23:45 2016/02/03 23:45

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Google Play - 2015.05.05 [ Link ]

Apple AppStore - 2015.05.05 [ Link ]

Match-4 Puzzle with new twists and cute characters, and angry, angry blocks!

A new match-4 puzzle game with unique gameplay and fun twists!

No ads & no in-app purchases!

Nut has awakened the blocks from their sleep.
Abused by us gamers for far too long, now they seek to have their revenge!

If it's colored, you can kill it. The same applies to these blocks too.
Stack them together and blow them in pieces, while charging up super powers and using items!

By destroying a big enough number of blocks, you can activate a mighty Superpower that helps you in keeping your destruction going. Each of the six colored blocks give you a different power, so try them out!

You can upgrade nearly everything in your arsenal.
Nut's Power Fist, the items and the Super Powers - You can upgrade them all, by spending coins gathered from the destroyed blocks. Keep those upgrades coming - otherwise you won't have a single chance on the highest difficulty.

- Nice graphics you wouldn't expect from a puzzle game
- Cute characters that melt your eyes
- Well-balanced casual match-4 puzzle with a unique mechanic you have never seen
- Useful Items and mighty superpowers to your disposal
- Leaderboard and achievements

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2015/04/10 13:11 2015/04/10 13:11

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Jean's Club ( 진스클럽 )

Google Play - 2014.12.15 [ Link ]

Apple Store(iOS) - 2015.01.11 [ Link ] : Free
Apple Store(iOS) - 2015.02.23 [ Link ] : Paid

Apple Store(Mac) - 2015.02.23 [ Link ] : Paid
Jean was successful in a boutique business, and employs the best the clubber as manager in order to launch the club business.

Please challenge to make the best club by upgrade the club and employs employee.

Operating tips:
- If you recieve the higher the rating of the result, will increase the probability of a good rewards.
- If customer's satisfaction is higher, you will earn the more tip.
- If customer's satisfaction is zero, will be leaving the club.
- The employee is very helpful to the club management.
- If the rating of the club is higher, you will earn the more tip.
- If you achieve a challenge, will increase the rating of the club.
- If you achieve a challenge, will recieve the many rewards.
- The items is very helpful to receive the higher the rating.
- The upgrade is very helpful to receive the higher the rating.
- Do not forget to clean the dance stages.
- If you open a new club, you will recieve the gifts.

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2014/12/18 17:16 2014/12/18 17:16

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Aquarius TD

Google Play - 2014.03.07 [ Link ]
Apple Store - 2014.03.07 [ Link ]

Aquarius TD is tower defense game.

The objective is to defend the monster to attack the five planets in Aquarius.

Game Features:
- It consists of the five planets.(α,β,γ,δ,ε)
- It consists of a story mode and mission mode.
- It consists of difficulty of three in the story mode.(normal, hard, master)
- You can buy useful items in the shop.
- You have to defend against monsters during the defined wave.
- You can skip some of the wave in the stage.
- If the game that was interrupted exists, you can continue play.
- If you are defended each stage, you can obtain star.(3, 2, 1)
- If you are completely defended each stage, you can get a ruby reward.
- Star will be used to open a planet that has been locked.

With Facebook:
- If you login with Facebook, you can play with friends.
- You can request to friends only once a day.
- If you login with Facebook, you can obtain a plus 20% score.
- You can ask your friends for more RUBY or buy a full set of RUBY now.
- If you share on Facebook, will obtain RUBY in game.

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2014/03/07 12:35 2014/03/07 12:35

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Army Wars Friends ( 아미워즈 프렌즈 )

Google Play - 2013.11.04 [ 무료 ]
Apple Store - 2013.11.17 [ 무료 ]

iPhoneアプリ情報サイト −Appliv

iPhoneアプリ情報サイト −Appliv

이 게임은 카툰 스타일의 캐릭터들이 등장하는 전쟁 게임으로, '디펜스'와 'RTS' 형식을 결합한 형태이다.

목표 :
당신은 자신의 유닛을 적절히 배치하여 상대방의 기지를 함락 시켜야 한다.

게임방법 :
- 당신은 보유하고 있는 유닛을 드래그하는 것으로 간단하게 유닛을 배치할 수 있다.
- 배치된 유닛은 공격 범위안에 들어오는 적을 공격하며 전진한다.
- 그리고 적을 죽일 경우에 코인을 얻을 수 있다.
- 그럼 코인으로 더욱 강력한 유닛을 생산할 수 있다.
- 한가지 안타까운 사실은 해당룰은 적에게도 동일하게 적용된다는 것이다.

유닛 :
- 아미워즈에는 24종의 유닛이 존재하며 그들은 제각각 다른 특성을 지니고 있다.
- 인간형은 비록 약하지만 싼가격에 빠른 이동속도와 빠른 쿨타임을 가지고 있으며,
- 베테랑은 쿨타임이 길지만 싼가격에 강력한 성능을 가지고 있다.
- 장갑차 계열은 높은 방어력과 체력을 가지고 있으며,
- 탱크 계열은 느린 이동속도와 긴 쿨타임을 지녔지만, 뛰어난 체력과 방어력 그리고 공격력을 가지고 있다.

스킬 :
- 기지업그레이드 : 기지 공격력을 향상 시킬 수 있다.
- 기지수리 : 기지 체력을 보강할 수 있다.
- 에어스트라이크 : 공격한 라인의 모든 적을 날려 버릴수 있다.

업그레이드 :
- 당신은 당신이 보유한 유닛을 5단계 까지 업그레이드 가능하다.
- 업그레이드 한 유닛은 가격은 비싸지지만 더욱 강해지고 빠른 쿨타임을 가지게 된다.
- 업그레이드는 당신을 빈곤하게 만들수도 있겠지만 후반으로 갈수록 당신이 유리한 위치에 서게할 것이다.

게임모드 :
1. 캠페인모드
- 당신은 총 50스테이지의 캠페인을 즐길 수 있다.
- 두가지 진영중 맘에 드는 진영을 선택하여 게임을 즐길수 있으며
- 일반 난이도의 25개 스테이지를 클리어하면, 모든 유닛을 획득할 수 있고 엔딩도 볼 수 있을 것이다.
- 하지만 그걸로 끝이 아닌 더 어려운 난이도의 25개 스테이지가 당신을 기다릴 것이다.
2. 무한모드
- 캠페인 모드를 모두 클리어 했다고 해서 끝이 아니다.
- 당신은 무한모드에서 최고점수에 도전할 수 있다.
- 일반모드처럼 적의 기지를 부수면 승리하는 것이 아니고, 적의 기지를 공격할 때 얻는 점수로 최고점수에 도전해야 한다.
- 시간이 지날수록 점점 더 강해지는 적을 상대로, 당신은 얼마나 버틸수 있을 것인가?
- 당신이 얻은 점수로 전세계 랭킹 1위에 도전해 보라!!!

페이스북 로그인을 하면 :
- 페이스북 친구들과 함께 게임을 즐길 수 가 있다.
- 캠페인 모드에서 획득하는 군자금이 20% 증가하게 된다.
- 친구들에게 하루에 한번 도움을 요청할 수 있다.
- 스테이지가 잠긴 경우 친구에게 도움을 요청할 수 있다.
- 게임을 하는데 LIVES 필요하고, 친구들에게 요청을 해서 획득할 수 있다.
- 페이스북에 공유하는 경우, 게임 플레이 중 혜택이 제공된다.

Army Wars Friends

Army wars is a war game that combined “Defense Genre” and “RTS”.

Protect your bunker from enemies and conquer theirs.

- Drag a unit from inventory list and release at battle field.
- Unit move forward and attack enemies in attack scope. (attack not only the enemy who is in front but also who is in the side).
- You can get coins when kill enemies or by critical.
- Coins is provided every 10 second.
- You can create more powerful unit with the money you earn in the war.
- This rule apply to enemies.

- 23 different types of units.
- The unit is having each other different characteristics.
- You consider characteristics of units to conquer effectively the enemies bunker.
- Human type has very cheap price, quick recharge speed but low-end HP.
- Veteran type has cheap price, cool attack power but slow recharge speed.
- armored car type has many HP, good armor.
- Tank type has many HP, good armor but slow move speed and slow recharge speed.

- Upgrade : Increase a bunker attack power.
- Fix : Repairs the bunker.
- AirStrike : Make massive damage to all enemies in a lane.

- You can upgrade units five times with the money you earn in the war.
- Increase a unit attack power and decrease recharge time.
- Finally, You get better of enemies by upgrade.

GAME MODE (2 difference) :
1. Campaign :
- You can select team between "Metal trooper" and "Lonely wolf".
- You correct all unit when you clear 25 numbers of normal level stages.
- But this is not end of game. You can enjoy more 25 numbers of hard level stages after end of 25 numbers of normal level stages.
2. Endless mode :
- This is survival mode.
- You will be able to challenge in high score.
- You get a score when you hit enemy bunker.
- You can keep playing until defeated.

- AutoPlay : The gameplay can automatic.
- PowerUP : Increase to attack power for units.
- DefenseUP : Increase to defense power for base.

With Facebook :
- You can play with friends.
- You can earn a plus 20% funds in the campaign mode.
- You can ask your friends for unlock the next Stages.
- You can request to friends only once a day.
- You can ask your friends for more LIVES or buy a full set of LIVES.
- If you share on Facebook, will obtain funds in game.


このゲームは漫画のスタイルのキャラクターが登場する戦争ゲームで、"ディフェンス"と "RTS"の形式を結合した形態である。


- あなたは保有しているユニットをドラッグすることで簡単にユニットを配置することができる。
- 配置されたユニットは攻撃範囲内に入ってくる敵を攻撃し前進する。
- そして敵を殺す場合にはコインを得ることができる。
- その後コインを使用してより強力なユニットを生産することができる。
- 残念なことはそのルールは敵にも同じように適用されるだろう。

- アミウォーズには24種のユニットが存在し、それらはそれぞれ異なる特性を持っている。
- 人間型はたとえ弱いが、安い価格の速い移動速度と高速クールタイムを持っており、
- ベテランはクールタイムが長くなりますが安い価格で強力な性能を持っている。
- 装甲車系は高い防御力と体力を持っており、
- タンク系は遅い移動速度と長いクールタイムを持ったが、優れた体力と防御力と攻撃力を持っている。

- 基地のアップグレード:基地攻撃力を向上させることができる。
- 基地の修理:ベース体力を補強することができる。
- エアストライク:攻撃したラインのすべての敵を飛ばしてしまうことがある。

- あなたはあなたが保有しているユニットを5段階までアップグレード可能である。
- アップグレードされたユニットは、価格は高くなるが、より強くなって高速クールタイムを持つことになる。
- アップグレードはあなたが貧困に作ることもあるだろうが、後半に行くほどあなたが有利な立場に立つようにする。

- あなたは50ステージのキャンペーンを楽しむことができる。
- 二つの陣営の好きな陣営を選択してゲームを楽しむことは
- 一般的な難易度の25ステージをクリアするときは、利用可能なすべてのユニットを獲得することができ、エンディングも見ることができます。
- しかし、それで終わりではなくより困難な難易度の25ステージがあなたを待っている。
- キャンペーンモードをクリアしたとして終わりではない。
- あなたは無限モードでハイスコアを狙うモードを進めることができる。
- 通常モードのように敵の基地を壊せば勝利することはなく、敵の基地を攻撃する際のスコアで最高のスコアを狙わなければならない。
- 時間が経つほどますます強くなる敵を相手に、どのように堪えるでしょうか?
- あなたが得た点数で世界ランキング1位に挑戦してみなさい!

- Facebookの友人と一緒にゲームを楽しむことができている。
- キャンペーンモードで獲得した軍資金が20%増加することになる。
- 友人と一日一回助けを求めることができる。
- ステージがロックされた場合は、友人に助けを求めることができる。
- ゲームをするのLIVES必要であり、友人との要求をして獲得することができる。
- Facebookでシェアする場合には、ゲームプレイ中の利点が提供される。

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